How To Eat

  • Chew, chew, chew all food very well and eat very slowly!
  • Stop drinking 15 minutes before eating and wait 45 minutes after eating
  • Always eat your protein first and make it most of your meal, eating vegetables and fruits last
  • Season as you wish, but use caution
  • Remember the protein goal is 60 to 80 grams daily

What To Eat:

1. Whole-cut Red Meat (beef, Iamb, and pork): Wait 3-6 months before you try steak or chops, and cook it at home first, in case it is not tolerated. These meats need to be chewed extremely well to digest properly. The very lean cuts such as filet, or round steak are your best choices. If the steak is not tolerated, wait 2-3 weeks and try it again. Lean ground meat is ok to eat.

2. Starches: Avoid/limit pasta, white bread, potatoes, rice, corn, chips, crackers, Wait 6-8 months before consuming to promote greater weight loss. Some never tolerate pasta, bread, or rice very well. Pasta and rice need to be overcooked so they will not continue to swell in your stomach. Remember consuming these foods will slow down or stop your weight loss!

3. Alcohol: It is absorbed much more quickly after surgery and will reach much higher levels in your blood which flows into the liver. You will experience a greater degree of intoxication on very little alcohol because of its rapid absorption. The rule is never more than 2 drinks within a 24-hour period, and only on special occasions. If you choose to drink, do not drive. Red wine is the best choice of alcohol out of all forms.

4. Sweets and sugar: Avoid/limit foods that contain sugar such as sweet fruit juice, candy, sugary desserts, some salad dressings, and some barbecue sauces. They can slow down or stop weight loss. If you want to eat something sweet, such as a piece of fruit, do it only at the end of your meal and only as part of a meal. Do not use sweets as a snack between meals.

5. Fats: Fats have very high calorie content. Any significant intake of fats like cooking oil, salad dressing, mayonnaise, margarine, and/or butter will seriously decrease the rate of weight loss. Small amounts may be used occasionally. Use cooking spray when preparing foods. Use small amounts of low fat mayonnaise or salad dressing to moisten foods. Use mustard instead of mayonnaise when you can. Use olive oil in place of vegetable oil. Most of all, avoid fried, greasy, and fast foods. Remember to read labels on foods.

6. Beverages: Six to eight 8 oz of water per day is vital. Avoid/limit flavored beverages such as carbonated beverages, fruit juice, and alcohol. Diet carbonated beverages can expand the pouch and/or slow or stop weight loss. Sugar-free, flavored water is allowed, but it is very important to drink a lot of water.

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