Aimee Johnson:

"Since the surgery I have taken back control of my life!"

Starting at the age of eighteen I’ve struggled with my weight. As cliché as it sounds, I tried everything I could find, Weight Watchers, diet pills, and any diet recommended by someone I knew who managed to shed a few pounds. Nothing worked; in fact all of the effort put into trying to lose the weight, in the end resulted in even more weight gain. Everything finally reached the point of no return during my mid-thirties, fertility issues were ravaging my mind with worry, and due to my weight I was not a candidate for in vitro fertilization, which was quickly becoming the best answer to my fertility concerns.  It was at this time, during a doctor’s visit with Dr. Ben from The West Clinic, that I was referred to Dr. Fore.


Mid-South General Surgery, Dr. Fore and his staff, especially Lisa and Laura, have given me a new lease on life. I wake up every morning feeling happier and healthier than before my Lap-Band surgery. The staff of Mid-South General Surgery provided me with more than just a good experience, years later their continued guidance and support helps to ensure my success and feeling of accomplishment every day.


This surgery allowed me to re-enter my life as more than a spectator, more than just a person relegated to the background, destined to shrink away from facing the world and inevitably giving up whatever goals I might have set for myself.


Since the surgery I have taken back control of my life, and have felt my confidence levels exceed any expectation I might have had. It’s been over four years since my surgery, and I now I have a two year old, and the energy to keep up with him

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