Thomas Rutherford: Down from 355 lbs!

"Dr. Fore helped me change my life. Don't wait to change yours. "

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Plus Ultra – Life Beyond the Old Me
A brief summary of my past, and a glimpse into my future.

Like many of you reading this, I am chronically overweight. From as early as I can remember, I was the fat kid. I don’t remember being skinny. Ever.

It was okay because I came from a large family of large people, and they loved me all the same. Also encouraging eating as much you can as often as possible. To do less would offend the cook terribly. Two sets of Grandparents meant two full lunches and/or suppers Sundays after Church, and on most any other special day like, let’s say, Saturday. If you were going to be good at nothing else in our family, you were going to be good at eating and cooking. Not salads, or tofu, or yogurt, or granola. But real food like gumbo, fried oysters, spaghetti, garlic bread, French bread with butter, onion rings, and bacon. The things that make you go mmMMmm. Also the things that cause obesity when combined with inadequate calorie burn from insufficient exercise.

When I was younger I was not focused on my health. Specifically, the damage I was causing by repeated excessive indulgence. I was an active child, but who wasn’t? Bikes, soccer, baseball, general rambunctiousness. All there. My problem was, and continued to be, extreme overeating. This course held true until junior college. People began to warn me at about this time. I honestly thought I would grow out of it. I did. I grew out of every piece of clothing I had. I remember getting on my Grandpa’s cotton scale at the age of 19 and being 330#. I decided to change. Like most of us, I did change for a short time. I went from 330# down to 225# by the end of my junior year in college. Pretty impressive. Not really. It’s easy to be impressive when you are 21. After college, I lost the drive to workout and take care of myself diligently. Surely I would never gain all that weight though. Ha. Ha. Wrong again.

Fast forward to 12 months ago. 355#. I remember being constantly hindered by my size. Not only me, but those around me. My friends. My family. My coworkers. It hurt deep down that I was who I was. It was a rough time for me. I love to travel, fish, hunt, explore, etc. All of these things were going to slip from my grasp on my current path. I finally decided to quit making excuses, and do something. I had to get to this point to decide to change, which is probably the saddest fact of all. But I did just that. I took charge and made the commitment to myself, my family, my friends. This lead me to Dr. Fore.

Once I met with Dr. Fore and staff, I was completely at ease. My decision was made. All I had to do was what they told me to get approved and ready for surgery. I had no major complications with my pre-op diet, surgery, or post-op. I cannot say enough good about Dr. Fore, his staff, and this experience. It’s been less than six months for me, and I have already climbed a rainforest waterfall, been offshore fishing several times with ease, started to run again, no longer need extensions on planes, can eat for one. You name it, it’s better than prior to surgery. I almost feel 21 again. In 2016 I plan to start accomplishing more things I thought I would never be able to do. Free dive spearfishing, snow skiing, mountain climbing, running a 5k, and chilling with elephants in Thailand to start. I feel better and have more energy with each pound that melts away. I will reach my goal.

Dr. Fore helped me change my life. Don’t wait to change yours!

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